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You can produce up to 60% faster with the right machine settings. With our AI-Assistant you get the most out of your machines.

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The Know-How of an expert machine operator in the palm of your hand.

Optimyzer is an intelligent assistant that helps you find better settings for your production machine.

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Faster production

Our algorithm understands the complex interactions between the many settings of your machine. With Optimyzer you can set up your production faster and be done faster.

Flexible production

The modern world is full of unexpected challenges and disruptions. If you are suddenly faced with a new supplier, or need to reduce your energy or resource consumption, Optimyzer helps you adjust your machine settings within minutes.

Get ahead of the curve

AI-based optimization in minutes

Not all state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence solutions need months-long projects and gigabytes of data to deliver a return on investment. Optimyzer doesn't require you to install any additional sensors or special connectors. All you need is an internet-connected device.

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With Optimyzer, any machine operator is an expert

Each time you try the settings provided by Optimyzer on your machine, our AI gets a better understanding of the physical process behind it Your operators can use Optimyzer to get the best settings for your machine on-the-fly, under any environmental conditions.

Optimyzer can be accessed using a smartphone or tablet.

Historical settings database

Keep track of the settings that you tried out and how well they worked. The knowledge stays with your company and doesn't depend on a single expert knowing the machine in and out.

List of experiments and results.

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