Optimize your production efficiently with
AI process models

Find the optimal settings for your machines quickly and reliably. Let our algorithms guide your parameter search and reach your targets faster.

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Our solution works like a GPS for your parameter tuning journey.

Optimyzer is an intelligent parameter tuner that helps you efficiently find the ideal configuration for your production line.

Get there faster

Our algorithm helps you make sense of the complex interactions between the many parameters in your system and efficiently find their optimum. This saves you time and reduces scrap, compared to other methods.

Reduce your costs

Working on a new product? Our algorithm becomes smarter with every optimization. The next time that your machines need an alignment, you don't have to repeat the process from scratch.

An excellent co-pilot

Let our algorithm guide your search. Optimyzer will suggest the next settings to try out based on its internal process model.

Quick on your feet

No computer nearby? No problem! You can input data and get suggestions directly on your mobile device.

Historical settings database

Keep track of the settings that you tried out and how well they worked. The knowledge stays with your company and doesn't depend on a single expert knowing the machine in and out.

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