Scenic view of a picturesque lakeside town on Lake Garda, northern Italy, symbolizing GaussML's expansion into the Italian market.

GaussML runs first optimization in Italy: A leap towards global expansion

In the picturesque settings of northern Italy, GaussML successfully ran its first optimization of a laser cutting machine in the Italian market. The task at hand was to fine-tune the parameters for cutting 10 mm mild steel on a new machine equipped with an 8kW fiber laser source. Our focus was on adjusting the feed rate, gas pressure, focus position, and nozzle distance.

In less than 10 experiments, Optimyzer identified settings that allowed for an 8.5% faster cut, with an added bonus of enhanced cut quality. This achievement was particularly noteworthy given that the machine technician, with his vast experience and high expectations, acknowledged the improved quality of the cut achieved during the optimization.

This first optimization in Italy is a testament to our commitment to making AI accessible to companies of all sizes. We offer a unique opportunity for potential customers to witness our solution in action through a test optimization. This hands-on experience allows companies to visualize tangible results before deciding on a license purchase. Whether in-person or via video call, we've successfully conducted remote optimizations in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, India, and now Italy.

This successful step in Italy is more than just an optimization; it's a step towards our broader vision. As we continue to push boundaries and expand our horizons, our aim is to establish a strong presence in the broader EU market and beyond. At GaussML, we're not just about achieving results; we're about redefining the future of manufacturing on a global scale.


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