Plastic injection molding machine in operation, producing bottle preforms.

GaussML optimizes plastic injection molding for Coca-Cola with superb results

Plastic injection molding marks a new milestone for GaussML. This process is critical for the production of high-quality plastic parts and requires precise control over various parameters to ensure efficiency and product quality. Our latest optimization with Coca-Cola involved fine-tuning the process parameters for molding bottle preforms on a Husky LX300 machine.

The challenge: Coca-Cola needed to optimize process parameters like holding pressure, holding time, and cooling time to reduce cycle time, and minimize material waste, all while maintaining their highest quality standards. The operator conducted several test shots using parameters suggested by Optimyzer, our AI-driven copilot, evaluated the results and provided feedback to update the machine’s model.

During these experiments, the main focus was on adjusting the holding pressure, holding time, and cooling time to find the optimal settings. Feedback from the operator on cycle time, product weight, and defects was crucial in fine-tuning the parameters, showcasing a collaborative effort between human expertise and AI-driven insights.

The results of this optimization were remarkable. After just 6 experiments, taking less than 2 hours in total, Optimyzer identified parameters that resulted in an impressive 10% reduction of the cycle time. The improved parameters produced parts passed all the quality tests to maintain Coca-Cola’s highest standards, and even reduced the material waste. These results highlight once more the efficiency and precision of Optimyzer.

This successful optimization not only underscores the capability of Optimyzer in plastic injection molding but also marks several firsts for GaussML: our first optimization in South America and our first collaboration with a global giant like Coca-Cola. The experience provided invaluable insights that will help us further enhance Optimyzer’s capabilities in this domain.

As we continue to push the boundaries of AI-driven manufacturing optimization, this achievement with Coca-Cola sets a new standard. GaussML remains committed to helping manufacturers achieve greater efficiency, precision, and sustainability in their production processes.


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