Optimyzer finds better process parameters for complex sintered parts.

GaussML Optimizes Sintering Press, Squeezing Out a 40x ROI

Sintering is a critical process in powder metallurgy, enabling the large scale production of durable and complex components with high precision, especially in the automotive sector. Metal powder is compacted in a mold to create a "green part", which is later sintered in an oven to achieve the desired mechanical properties. Our latest proof of concept with an automotive manufacturer focused on optimizing the production of a sintered part, with a cycle time of about 7.5 seconds for the pressing stage.

We conducted our optimization on an EP70M sintering press from DORST, renowned for its precision and efficiency in powder metallurgy. For this optimization, we focused on the speed of the powder feeder, the closing velocity of the mold, and the pressing velocity. Optimyzer received feedback from the machine operator on cycle time, part weight, part density, and dimensional accuracy.

With fewer than 10 experiments, Optimyzer identified settings that produced excellent part quality and significantly reduced cycle time. By optimizing just three parameters, Optimyzer dramatically reduced the cycle time, saving 40 hours of machine operation, as the customer manufactures hundreds of thousands of this part annually.

This optimization not only demonstrated significant time savings but also highlighted the potential for even greater efficiency gains with further parameter adjustments. Our expertise in fine-tuning manufacturing processes positions GaussML as a leader in manufacturing optimization.

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