GaussML shines in the Top 5% of Startups for Focal's S24 Demo Day.

GaussML makes it to the top 5% of startups for Focal's S24 Demo Day

GaussML is thrilled to announce that we were selected among the top 5% of startups for Focal's S24 Demo Day. This prestigious recognition places us in the Focal Top 100, a testament to our innovative solutions and potential for growth.

Out of 2,100 applicants, GaussML stood out to venture capitalists and industry experts. Our selection in the top 100 is a significant milestone, reflecting our commitment to revolutionizing the manufacturing sector with AI-driven solutions.

Being shortlisted in the Focal Top 100 provides us with an incredible platform to showcase our technology to a broader audience of investors and industry leaders. This recognition not only validates our efforts but also opens new avenues for growth and collaboration.

Check out the full list of top 100 startups and learn more about the event at Focal's Top 100.


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