Dr. Jonathan Spitz at the Mass Challenge Switzerland boot camp, standing next to a message:

GaussML selected as a finalist for Mass Challenge Switzerland 2023

Mass Challenge Switzerland is known for its dedication to supporting startups with high impact potential. The focus on sustainability of the Mass Challenge Switzerland program aligns with our mission to increase manufacturing efficiency. We believe in the value of AI in manufacturing and are dedicated to making these solutions accessible to a wide range of companies. Being chosen as a finalist offers GaussML the opportunity to connect with industry professionals, potential partners, and investors.

During the program, we'll benefit from mentorship sessions with experienced industry figures. Their guidance will be instrumental in refining our approach, expanding our reach, and ensuring GaussML's solutions remain at the forefront of AI-driven manufacturing.

Being a finalist in this program is a testament to our team's hard work and the value of our solutions. As we progress through the program, we look forward to the insights, collaborations, and opportunities that lie ahead. We're grateful for this chance to further our mission and invite our community to join us on this journey.

You can find the full list of finalists on the Mass Challenge Switzerland website.


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